Fractals & Alligator - expert for MetaTrader 4

Fractals & Alligator - expert for MetaTrader 4

 "Fractals & Alligator" EA trades with a strategy based on Fractals & Alligator indicators and has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works best on 1D time frames major forex pairs  and stocks NASDAQ.

USEMOVETOBREAKEVEN  system functions like a stop loss

But a one-time function with a smaller value than the subsequent Stop Loss value to lock minimal profit and avoid loss if the price goes against you.

If you have reached a certain value of pips with the direction of the trade -

  • WHENTOMOVETOBE - When to move break even (values: 10-100).

So how many pips would you like to move the stop loss above the price line of the open trade-

  • PIPSTOMOVESL - How much pips to move stop loss (values: 10-100).

This EA trades only with the price of open candle!

Trade volume of a position depends on previous trading results.

It provides the possibility to limit the maximum risk (in % of deposit) of the trade.

If you want to trade with constant lotsize say:0.01 lot ,you need to set "MaximumRisk =0" and "DecreaseFactor=0"

Or else you will have a calculation of  Percent (%) of deposit and MaximumRisk.


  • USEMOVETOBREAKEVEN - Enable "no loss" break even system (values: 0-1).
  • WHENTOMOVETOBE - When to move break even (values: 10-100).
  • PIPSTOMOVESL - How much pips to move stop loss (values: 10-100).
  • Lots - Lots size (values: 0.01-10).
  • MaximumRisk - maximum risk from total margin in %, (values: 0.01 - 0.3).
  • If "MaximumRisk =0" then "Lot=constant"
  • DecreaseFactor - decrease from total margin if you lose a trade.
  • TrailingStop= set a value from 10 to 100 to activate trailing stop loss & take profit, "0" will not activate trailing stop loss.
  • Stop_Loss - Stop Loss (values: 10-100).
  • MagicNumber - Magic number (values: 1-100000).
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit (values: 10-100).
  • FastMA - Fast Moving Average (values: 1-20).
  • SlowMA - Slow Moving Average (values: 50-200).
  •  Distance-Distance between two averages (values: 10-60).
  •  Mom_Sell-Momentum_Sell trtrigger(values: 0.1-5).
  •  Mom_Buy-Momentum_Buy trtrigger(values: 0.1-5).
fractals & alligator

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