3DMa - indicator for MetaTrader 4

3DMa - indicator for MetaTrader 4


Changing two parameters with the mouse pointer 

  • X - maximum MA period changes
  • Y - step of changing of MA period
#include <CanvasiCanvas.mqh> //https://www.mql5.com/en/code/23840
#property indicator_chart_window

double  close[];
long Total;
int Ma=0;
int stepMa=0;

int OnInit()

int OnCalculate(const int rates_total,const int prev_calculated,const int begin,const double &price[])

void OnChartEvent(const int id,
                  const long &lparam,
                  const double &dparam,
                  const string &sparam)
   static int MaOld=-1,stepMaOld=-1;
   if(stepMa<=0) stepMa=1;
   if(stepMa>Ma) stepMa=Ma-1;
   if(id==CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE || MaOld!=Ma || stepMaOld!=stepMa)
      MaOld=Ma; stepMaOld=stepMa;

void nMA()
   int preY=0;
   double S=0;
   for(int i=0;i<Ma; i++) S+=close[i];

   for(int Per=Ma;Per>0;)
      double s=S;
      uint Clr=Grad((double)Per/Ma);
      for(int x=0; x<W.BarsInWind;x++)
         int Y=(int)(Canvas.Y(s/Per)-0.5);
         if(x>0) if(fabs(Y-preY)>1) Canvas.Line(x-1,preY,x,Y,Clr);
         else Canvas.PixelSet(x,Y,Clr);
         if((Ma+x)<ArraySize(close)) s=s-close[x+Ma-Per]+close[Ma+x]; else break;
      for(int j=0; j<stepMa; j++) if(Per>0) {S=S-close[Ma-Per]; Per--;} else break;
uint Grad(double p)
   static uint Col[6]={0xFF0000FF,0xFFFF00FF,0xFFFF0000,0xFFFFFF00,0xFF00FF00,0xFF00FFFF};
   if(p>0.9999) return Col[5];
   if(p<0.0001) return Col[0];
   int n=(int)p;
   double k=p-n;
   argb c1,c2;
   return ARGB(255,c1.c[2]+uchar(k*(c2.c[2]-c1.c[2])+0.5),
MT5 Version works much faster and therefore much more comfortable

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