Statistics of candles - script for MetaTrader 5

Statistics of candles - script for MetaTrader 5

Counting the number of series of bullish and bearish bars. Displaying the result as a chart. Saving the screenshot of the resulting chart. The script uses the CGraphic class.

Input Parameters

  • Count of bars - the number of bars (from the rightmost bar on the chart), for which the calculation will be preformed;
  • Verification - the flag for printing the copied timeseries of this symbol and the resulting array of bar series. NOTE: should only be enabled if the Count of bars parameter does not exceed 15-30. Otherwise the amount of printed data will be very large;
  • Save screenShot - enable/disable saving of screenshots of the resulting chart;
  • Sleep (milliseconds) - a delay in displaying the resulting chart.

Series of bars are coded according to the following principle:

      Bull=1,  // ↑
      Bear=-1, // ↓

A "bullish" candlestick has the code of "1", a "bearish" candlestick has the code of "-1".

Another parameter for the name of the series is calculated as follows:

current series (ENUM_SERIES_TYPE) * the umber of bars in a row in this series

int name_series=current_series_type*count_series;

Note: the very last series is not included in calculations, because you cannot know how long the series will last.

Screenshots are saved (if Save screenShot is enabled) to [data folder]MQL5FilesStatistics of candles. An example of a saved screenshots of the resulting charts. Series are drawn along the X axis, i.e. the "-5" series means five bearish bars in a row, and "2" means two bullish bars in a row:

AUDCAD,H1. 1200 bars

Fig. 1. AUDCAD,H1. 1200 bars

EURUSD,H1. 1200 bars

Fig. 2. EURUSD,H1. 1200 bars

RTS-12.17,M5. 1200 bars

Fig. 3. RTS-12.17,M5. 1200 bars

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